AvediaServer 10.1.0 released

Version 10.1.0 firmware for the AvediaServer has been released.

This release introduces new features and resolves some issues. Please refer to the Release Notes for full details.

Feature List:


  • Confirmation dialog shown when deleting playlists from a campaign.
  • Touch support for browser element in.
  • Transitions available in PDF and PowerPoint applications.
  • Playlist size now displayed when opening and saving playlists.
  • Uploaded fonts now available in all playlists.
  • More date format options added to.
  • Ability to adjust the canvas size in to represent non 16:9 displays.


  • ArtioGuest renamed as ArtioView.


  • New look and feel of Smart Control thumbnails.

General Changes

  • CentOS security updates.
  • New company logo on AvediaServer applications header.
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