AvediaServer version 8.10.0-6 has been released

Version 8.10.0-6 firmware for the AvediaServer has been released. 

This release introduces new features and resolves some issues. Please refer to the Release Notes for full details.

New Feature Highlights


  •  Additional platforms:
    • Philips HFL5014
    • AvediaPlayer 94-series Media Players
    • LG LV751H
  • Specify VoD server - Provide more control for the hotelier by letting them select the server they want to use and spread VoD load
  • Disable checkout button - Add more flexibility and let hotels decide if they want to use this feature or not
  • Scrollable VoD groups - Improve the user experience so they can navigate more than 6 genres and let hotels provide more VoD options
  • Confirm button on VoD purchase - Improve user experience and clarify the purchasing process to avoid any accidental VoD purchases
  • Support for LG Pro:Idiom encrypted TV channels - Required for Gateway V4.0 which adds the g4417 product (Pro:Idiom live channel support).


  • Interactivity using remote control handset:
    • Select a VoD asset from a predefined list to be played full screen 
    • Select a channel from a list to be played within a video element 
    • Change volume
    • Change layouts 
    • VoD Controls
  • Upload 4K video - Enable users to quickly add 4K videos content using the video element without having first to upload it through Asset Manager application
  • Support for LG SM5KE - Use ArtioSign on a broader range of end points, giving users more flexibility.

Smart Control

  • Send message to ad hoc list of room/cabins numbers
  • Delete/recall of a message by the sender
  • Support for Oracle Cruise PMS Mailbox
  • Deploy signage and portals using RESTful (non-SNMP)


  • Remove Chromecast registration - Allow an administrator to remove a Chromecast registration based on room number
  • Chromecast control unpaired on checkout - Chromecast to device pairing is removed when a user checks out or moves room

If your AvediaServer is running version 7.x you need to upgrade first to version 8.1.x before upgrading to this release: please contact support@exterity.com for more details.

The release notes and firmware upgrade can be found in the Downloads section of the Exterity website (for registered Exterity partners with a login on our main website).


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