How to use Postman to send RESTful API command


This article explain how to use Postman ( application on Windows machine to send RESTful API command




Go to and download Postman

Once installed you'll see the following interface

Select Authorization Type "Basic Auth" from the Authorization Tab

Enter the device login credentials


To send a GET Command select GET from the drop down menu and enter the API command in the "request URL" box

In the example below a request to get the name of a receiver (r9300 in my example)

The response is displayed in the Params tab

To Send a PUT or POST command you need to select PUT or POST from the drop down menu, go to the "Body" tab and tick the "x-www-form-urlencoded" checkbox.

Enter the parameters you want to change in the KEY field and the value in the VALUE field and then press Send

In my example I changed the name of my r9300 from rx1 to test

The status of the request is reported on the right side highlighted in red

On the left side you can see the history of all the request sent and your collection of command

If you create a collection you can save commands into it

You can find Postman Collection for the m9405 and TVgateway products attached to this article  

Please refer to the API documentation for the available commands


NOTE: You may need to disable the SSL certificate verification when connecting to some the m9405. You can do this through the settings page.


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