AvediaServer 9.11.0 released

Version 9.11.0 firmware for the AvediaServer has been released.

This release introduces new features and resolves some issues. Please refer to the Release Notes for full details.

AvediaServer General

  • CentOS security updates.
  • Chromecast Control enhancements.
  • Support for playback of Pro:Idiom encrypted movies on LG SmartTVs.
  • Create message schedules in Smart Control detailing when messages should be sent.
  • Smart Control - Limit users or profiles to viewing certain channels.


  • Display maximum and minimum temperatures in ArtioSign.
  • Volume indicator shown on volume change in ArtioSign.
  • Support for Philips 10BDL4151T LFD in ArtioSign.
  • Support for touch functionality on Samsung SSSP6 QB13R-T in ArtioSign Video List element.
  • ArtioSign – Support for multiple Revenue Centres in the Oracle Simphony PoS system.


  • Now/Next information now available in Channels and Guide apps in ArtioGuest.
  • Automatically block programs in ArtioGuest depending on age classification.
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