AvediaServer 9.10.0 released

Version 9.10.0-10 firmware for the AvediaServer has been released.

This release introduces new features and resolves some issues. Please refer to the Release Notes for full details.

General Overview of the release:


  • CentOS 7 is now used to provide advanced security.


  • ArtioGuest integration with Amadeus HotSOS hotel management system.
  • Ability to display an emergency announcement message in ArtioGuest.
  • Ability to block remote controls and mute screens during emergency announcement in ArtioGuest.


  • Support for two videos/channels in ArtioSign landscape signage.
  • ArtioSign Integration with Opta Sports Statistics.
  • Search for schedules and playlists in Schedules application.


  • Search for groups, commands/workflows, portals, messages, playlists or campaigns in Smart Control.


  • Improved display of long names in Workflows application.

Site Manager

  • Import/export 56‐/57‐series UHD Encoder configuration files.
  • Customise column view in Site Manager.
  • Search for configuration/firmware files in Site Manager application.
  • Firmware version of SmartTVs now shown in Site Manager and Director applications.
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