HDCPv2 Locality check

The HDCP (both v2 and Professional) technical specification mandates a 7 millisecond “Locality check” – this is the max time allowed to hear back from an end point - to ensure that HDCP sites are single-site.

There isn’t anything that Exterity can do to change that as this is a mandatory requirement from in the HDCP specification defined by the DCP organiszation (https://www.digital-cp.com).

That’s the intent behind DCP demanding the HDCP Professional products come with signed documents – they want to make sure that the end customer is distributing the HDCP-protected content only within the site agreed in the agreement.

 The result of this is that HDCPv2 encrypted content, due to the legal agreement with DCP, cannot be streamed across a WAN network (i.e. from a London office to a Dublin office).

Legally all HDCP encrypted streams are only to be contained at one address or one site and streaming outside of the local area is a breach of the DRM. 

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