AvediaServer v7.6.0-20 released

Version 7.6.0-20 firmware for the AvediaServer has been released.

New features in this release:


  • New web interface icons
  • Control of Hitachi AV projectors via AvediaPlayer r93xx receivers (r93xx version 5.3 firmware required)
  • Projector monitoring application


  • Assign different background images for each ArtioPortal app
  • NETx BMS integration for guest control of room functions

ArtioSign Create

  • Create digital signage with text, image, date/time, video and PDF content in a WISYWIG interface
  • Open/edit/save existing ScreenLists
  • Import/export ScreenLists

The release notes and firmware can be found in the Downloads section of the Exterity website (for registered Exterity partners with a login on our main website)


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