Converting encoder stream output for HLS playback


When the UDP stream from an e23xx/e26xx/e36xx encoder or t36xx transcoder is to be converted for HLS playback by an Origin Server or AvediaServer, the GOP setting must be set to I or IP.


The e23xx/e26xx/e36xx encoder and t36xx transcoder in default GOP mode do not produce H.264 keyframes. This means that the Origin Server/AvediaServer cannot properly convert these for HLS playback.

The workaround is to use a GOP setting of I or IP. This can be configured on the Encoding page of the Encoder/Transcoder and will enable both the Origin Server and AvediaServer to convert the stream successfully for HLS playback.

(Note that the Origin Server can produce a live HLS session from an Encoder/Transcoder stream, while the AvediaServer can record content from the Encoder/Transcoder and make this available on demand over HLS).

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