Transcoder t5600 Version 1.0.0-4 released

The t5600 Transcoder has been released.

This is a new product, enabling the processing of 4K, HD and SD content for direct delivery to IPTV equipment or ongoing delivery to mobile devices through an origin server or CDN. Its features and capabilities include:

  • Contribute to origin servers and CDNs for delivery over Wi-Fi, WAN and the Internet.
  • Customize streams for ongoing delivery to mobile devices and thin clients.
  • Send streams simply through routed networks by converting Multicast to/from Unicast.
  • Convert streams from non-IPTV devices such as IP CCTV or Internet radio stations into IPTV format.
  • Convert to lower resolutions and bitrates to deliver to mobile clients or through restricted networks such as Wi-Fi.
  • Convert 4K, HD or SD streams to match existing IPTV equipment.
  • File transcode video assets for use on a VoD server.
  • Rotate video for use in portrait Digital Signage.

The Features and Benefits for the t5600 are described in the document linked below:

Click to download Features and Benefits 

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