AvediaServer Version 7.0.1-8 Released

AvediaServer Version 7.0.1-8 has been released.

Software Version 7.0.1-8 for AvediaServer is a feature release and provides major system improvements including:

  • Base operating system changed to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, improving security and enabling future expansion.
  • Web admin interface can be set to French language.
  • Additions to the control and management of end user viewing.
  • A new function in the Artio middleware platform providing customizable video, data and graphics screens for end users.
  • Detailed improvements to the functionality and performance of the Artio middleware platform as well as other parts of the AvediaServer.

Features and Benefits for V7.0.1-8 are described in the linked document

The firmware and product documentation can be found on the Downloads and Documentation pages of the Exterity website (for registered Exterity partners with a login on our main website).

Please note that interim steps are required for this upgrade and you should first contact Exterity Support.




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