Version 6.2.1-1 firmware for AvediaServer is now available

Version 6.2.1-1 firmware for AvediaServer is now available.

This is a bug fix release that does not introduce any new features: please refer to the release notes for more details.

The firmware and release notes can be found in the Downloads page on the Exterity website (for registered Exterity partners with a login on our main website). Product documentation is unchanged.

Features introduced in V 6.2 Firmware:

- Artio Services: Artio users can order services such as laundry, taxi or baggage pickup through their room TV

- Artio Pay TV Channel Support: Enable charging for one or more TV channels.

- Artio Mailbox: Messages created in the PMS can be sent to specific end users. The user can see and retrieve the message through the Artio portal interface

- Artio Room Service: Order room service through Artio Portal.

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