AvediaPlayer Receiver r92xx V4.0.2 released

Version 4.0.2-12255 firmware for the r92xx range of receivers is now released.

This is a feature release, adding the following features:

- HDCP V2 content protection

- Videowall

- Web Interface administration and management improvements

- Unit to Unit Sync improvements

- End to end Low Latency configuration

- Enhanced setup of Receiver end user language and font customization

- Receiver name registration on DNS server within DHCP requrest

- CEC Support extended to Philips and Toshiba TV

- Teletext control from Middleware

- Enhanced Video Display Control

- Serial Control Enhancements adding USB control option


For more information about the new features please refer to the Features & Benefits document.

The firmware and documentation can be found in the Downloads  and Documentation pages on the Exterity website (for registered Exterity partners with a login on our main website).

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