AvediaStream Encoder V2.0.2 released

The new AvediaStream Encoder firmware V2.0.2 is now available.

This is a bug fixing release that does not introduce any new feature: please refer to the release notes for more details 

The firmware and release notes can be found in the Downloads page on the Exterity website (for registered Exterity partners with a login on our main website). Product documentation unchanged.

Features introduced in V 2.0 Firmware:

  • HDCPv2: Protect content investment with secure IP delivery of Premium TV. Secure valuable video content by encrypting across the network. This feature applies to avstr-e2635, avstr-e2655, avstr-e3635 and avstr-e3655 only.
  • IR Out: When combined with an Exterity AvediaPlayer Receiver, IR remote commands can be passed back from the user end to the remote video source connected to the encoder at the head end. This feature applies to avstr-e2310, avstr-e2320, avstr-e2635 and avstr-e3635



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