ArtioPortal Desktop no longer supported in Mozilla Firefox version 52


ArtioPortal Desktop is no longer supported in Mozilla Firefox version 52 and later.


Mozilla Firefox version 52, released on 7 Mar 2017, no longer supports NPAPI plugins, including the Java plugin required by ArtioPortal Desktop.

As a result, Firefox is no longer a supported platform for ArtioPortal Desktop.

Customers who wish to continue using Firefox can install the Firefox ESR (Extended Service Release) 52.0 release, 32bit version: this version is expected to support NPAPI plugins and Java until May 2018.

Firefox ESR is a separate product, aimed at corporates who want a stable browser based on a particular base revision, with only security updates.

Firefox ESR can be downloaded from

The attached document contains full details.


There is an option to use java in Firefox 52 but note that this workaround will be removed in Firefox v53

  Open in firefox: about:config 
- Right click : New boolean 
- Preference name: plugin.load_flash_only 
- Value: false


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